Lend & Stake


1. Connect your wallet and press "Lend⬝Stake" menu.

2. Press "Deposit" of the cryptocurrency you intend to deposit.

3. Enter the number of tokens you wish to deposit, then press “Confirm”

  • If it is your first time, you will see a “Approve” Button instead of “Confirm. Kindly press “Approve” to let KLEVA Protocol let you deposit and withdraw your tokens.

4. If the Deposit was successful, you can stake ibtokens by press “Stake” button.

5. Enter the amount of ibtoken you wish to stake.

Check My Assets

Users can check all deposited and staked assets on "My Assets" page.

The Value of ibTokens (ratio of Tokens to ibTokens) can be found in the list of assets.

  • In this case, “KLAY”

  • As mentioned before, ibTokens accrue Lending Interest, and thus increase in value over time.

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) & APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

    • Lending APR : APR of Lending Interest that Lenders can expect.

    • Staking APR : APR of KLEVA Token Reward from staking ibToken.

    • APR : Sum of Lending APR and Staking APR.

    • APY : Assumption based on Total APR and daily compounding.

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