Anonymity and Trust Issues in DeFi

DeFi is a game-changer in the aspect that it enables financial transactions within a trustless environment. This is a fundamental feature of blockchain technology and a new way to build a better money market than conventional financial institutes.

However, when building a trustless environment, DeFi protocol operators have preferred to stay anonymous for several reasons. While this inspired many great ideas and provided the DeFi industry with massive growth opportunities, scammers saw an opportunity for extortion.

These scammers raised money from participants and vanished, leaving nothing but dust for innocent investors. This will never be an issue for KLEVA Protocol as we are willing to disclose full information about the team behind this protocol. The KLEVA Team consists of three entities, each with its own strengths.

* The operation of the KLEVA service has undergone a transformation from the partnership system involving WEMIX.PTE.LTD. (referred to as Wemade), Sooho, and Burk O’Sully to a standalone system led by Wemade. For more details, please check the announcement on Medium.


WEMIX is a subsidiary of Wemade, a KOSDAQ listed company in Korea. We are expanding our territory within the blockchain industry and provide various services including WEMIX blockchain platform, cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, and NFT marketplace.

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