The Tokenomics of the native governance token of KLEVA Protocol

KLEVA captures the value of the protocol

From the start, we have designed KLEVA Token to capture economic incentives of KLEVA Protocol. A part of Performance Fee is rewarded to ibKLEVA Stakers and the profit generated are mostly used to Buyback & Burn KLEVA Tokens. Since we take advantage of liquidity layers of DEXs, integrating with more DEXs will result in bigger accrued fees. This will be used to aggressively Buyback & Burn KLEVA Tokens. Below are the parameters related to incentivizing KLEVA Token holders.

  • 10% of the Lending Interest will be used to Buyback & Burn KLEVA Tokens

  • Performance Fee will partially be used to Buyback & Burn KLEVA Tokens

  • All Liquidation Fees will be used to Buyback & Burn KLEVA Tokens

*30% of the funds from the Buyback & Burn reserve (accumulated amount within the fund at the time of the Buyback) will be reserved for handling contingencies such as bad debts. The transferred KLEVA tokens through the swap of 10% of the profit from leverage investment operations as funds will be entirely burned without any reservation of the 30%.


  • Max Supply : 95,349,364KLEVA

  • Sliding Model : KLEVA minted per block is decreased by 10% monthly

  • Deflationary Tokenomics : KLEVA aims to be a deflationary economy by suppressing inflation of the KLEVA Token through service growth and expanded utilization.

KLEVA Token Distribution

KLEVA Token is distributed as follows :

  • 75% distributed to the Protocol is for all participants of KLEVA Protocol : at current stage, Lenders and Farmers.

  • 15% allocated to Dev Fund will be used for protocol development and stabilization, to build and maintain a healthy project.

  • 10% assigned to ECO Fund is used for expansion and improvement of KLEVA Ecosystem : finding strategic partnerships, airdrops, expanding our money lego and more.


After the vitalization of KLEVA Governance, the minting logic of KLEVA can be altered based on Governance Vote. Participants will be able to decide whether to continue with the sliding model, or implement a new minting logic that the majority believes is better, the best for KLEVA. More details of Governance will be disclosed later.

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