KLEVA Membership

KLEVA Membership

KLEVA Membership is a new function by which Leveraged Yield Farmers can i) Increase Max Leverage, ii) Increase Liquidation Threshold, and iii) Lower Liquidation Fee by staking ibKLEVA Token.

Membership Condition & Benefits

  • Staking Requirement: 7,500 ibKLEVA (Applied automatically when requirement is met)

  • Benefits

* KLEVA Membership does not apply to the pools not listed in the table

** When Staking Requirement is met, even in the case that Increased Max Leverage is not utilized, Increased Liquidation Threshold and Decreased Liquidation Fee Benefits are applied. The Benefits can then be taken into account for risk management strategies.

*** Above figures may be adjusted.


  • In the case that Staking Requirements are no longer met due to unstaking of ibKLEVA, the Farmer no longer benefits from Increased Liquidation Threshold and Decreased Liquidation Fee, while Increasing Max Leverage is maintained. Therefore, risk of Liquidation for any open positions will increase and depending on Leverage, may lead to exposure to Liquidation.

  • Although KLEVA Team has prepared devices to improve farm stability to prevent against any risk following increased Leverage, Farmers must note that as Leverage increases, risk may also increase. Therefore, when utilizing Increased Max Leverage, please pay caution to managing leverage.

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