Liquidity Pool from KLAYswap

Please Note

Maximum Leverage may vary depending on the Token Pair of Liquidity Pools. Tokens with low volatility tend to have a higher Maximum Leverage and Liquidation Threshold. On the contrary, Tokens with high volatility have a lower Maximum Leverage and Liquidation Threshold.

Liquidity Pool Address

KLAYswap: KLAY - oUSDT 0xd83f1b074d81869eff2c46c530d7308ffec18036

KLAYswap: KLAY - KSP 0x34cf46c21539e03deb26e4fa406618650766f3b9

KLAYswap: KLAY - oETH 0x27f80731dddb90c51cd934e9bd54bff2d4e99e8a

KLAYswap: KLAY - oXRP 0x86e614ef51b305c36a0608baa57fcaaa45844d87

KLAYswap: KLAY - WEMIX 0x917eed7ae9e7d3b0d875dd393af93fff3fc301f8

KLAYswap: KLAY - KLEVA 0xd5eb5732ef45b82edaee421cbfb3e412b54d1d2f

KLAYswap: oUSDT - KDAI 0xc320066b25b731a11767834839fe57f9b2186f84

KLAYswap: oETH - oUSDT 0x029e2a1b2bb91b66bd25027e1c211e5628dbcb93

KLAYswap KLAY - BORA 0xbbca9b2d17987ace3e98e376931c540270ce71bb

KLAYswap KDAI - oXRP 0x4b50d0e4f29bf5b39a6234b11753fdb3b28e76fc

KLAYswap WEMIX - oUSDT 0x2d803838cb2d40eacb0207ec4e567e2a8886b47f

KLAYswap KLAY - oUSDC 0x3bce8d81ac54010bb7ea6e5960f2ded6fc6a7ac5

KLAYswap oUSDC - oUSDC 0x2e9269b718cc816de6a9e3c27e5bdb0f6a01b0ac

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